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Zindagi जिंदगी : Zin-di-gee

1. is an Urdu word of Persian origin, which means "life" 


The meaning of this beautiful word became the reason for our work. You see, life is full of so many things, especially beautiful ones, if you take a moment to look. We want to be one of those beautiful things you get to see, keep and appreciate. 

Zindagi is a company that creates spirited, graceful and sophisticated artistry inspired by culture, tradition, and travel. We want our pieces to open your eyes to something new. Whether it's a new craft, a new place, or a new word, we want to educate and inspire you in any way we can.  


Our pieces are conversation starters. We offer a selection of carefully designed and curated jewelry and apparel. Craftsmen with years of experience share their talent through our pieces. When you wear them out and you get complimented on them, we encourage you to start a conversation, share about the story of the piece, and perhaps, make a new friend. We mean it when we say we want to inspire you in any way we can!


Our brand jewelry collection is 100% hand made in a family owned and run atelier. We use silver, gold, a variety of semiprecious stones and several crafts such as meenakari and hand carving to make rare, beautiful pieces.


Findings is a hand-picked collection of one-of-a-kind accessories, made of different materials, that María José discovers on her travels to India.


Our apparel is made with quality Indian textiles including: cotton, kadhi, chanderi silk, muslin, and finely woven gauze. We are so privileged to have our collection hand block printed by craftsmen with years of experience based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Block printing requires tremendous skill and time, making every single piece a true work of art.


Designer | Curator

María José Padgett

I was born and raised in Honduras with a passion for travel and exploring unknown places. Eager to learn about people and traditions around the world, I moved to Dallas to study Markets & Culture at Southern Methodist University. In 2014, love took me to India where I instantly lost my heart to its gorgeous scenery, endless traditions and gracious people. I continue to explore the country's beauty and unmatched craftsmanship to celebrate the richness of India through our culture and tradition inspired pieces. 

Maria Jose Padgett ZINDAGI

The love and passion I have for my company and products are about what they represent: a culture, endless traditions, and a level of craftsmanship that is so foreign to what I grew up with. Those factors fuel my life. I love India, because seeing distant places and meeting incredible people, so different to me, have made me grow and realize and appreciate beautiful diversity. 

Our pieces have been designed, with discovery in mind; wear them on your next quest or your next dinner. 

Enjoy zindagi!

Be inspired. Join Zindagi.